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October 2020 became a life changing month for me.  Amidst a world in turmoil, I started to see that world very differently thanks to an approach called the Magnetic Mind.

But that’s not where the journey began if I am honest. It actually started during my MINERVA project in 2016, whilst I was researching female entrepreneurship.  I was walking with my husband Rob and bizarrely for such a poignant moment I don’t actually remember where or the exact date when, it hit me like a bolt out of the sky. “I am not broken.  No-one is broken.”

It was to be moment that stopped everything for me, I felt lost, confused and not sure what of what I was doing. 

I could no longer be a coach or use the personal development tools that I had garnered over the decades because each one of them operated from a perspective that here and now in this time, place and space we are “not good enough”.  Yes, even traditional coaching that has us going for goals because what we have isn’t enough.  Goals that so many of us fail to reach, or if we reach, we fail to keep.

I buried myself in my MINERVA research knowing at some point I had to get it out to the world.  I tried many things, I wrote a book by the same name, create a system for female entrepreneurs to Do Business, Make Money & Enjoy Life; and yet here I was not really doing any of those!

The Magnetic Mind was created by Christopher Duncan after having his own experiences of working extraordinarily hard and not really having the time to enjoy what he was doing. He became a pupil of some of the greats in the world of personal transformation ultimately distilling it into a very simple process that included something called a Superconscious Rapid Recode; all based on leading edge Neuroscience.

I became an eager anticipant pupil of Magnetic Mind.  Within a couple of months, I took the leap of faith to become a fully certified coach. A step that felt so natural yet the internal resistance I was feeling was massive. “What are you doing?” Another coaching modality and qualification – how many do you really need?” But that’s what the recode is for, to remove the resistance to creating what we truly desire.

In January 2021 I made a declaration that I was going to “unmarket” myself.  The majority of people didn’t understand what this meant.

I was choosing to no longer follow the rules of “how we should be in business” and truly explore how I wanted to be. What I was consciously choosing to create.

I created Thrive & Grow as a beta in that same month, containing the Magnetic Mind toolkit. I have witnessed some remarkable transformations and conscious creations and, one of my beta participants has joined me as a business partner in the new company housing Thrive & Grow – as well as choosing to train to be a Magnetic Mind coach herself!

So that is how I became a Magnetic Mind coach! 

When people come to me they are usually stuck, in pain or not getting the results they want in life.  I help them shift to being a conscious creator of a life we love.

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