What Would You DO If You Were Super Rich?

super rich

At first this question can throw us off a bit.  It’s so outside our current reality that we have to really think about it. We might make some statements like “I don’t want to be super rich, money isn’t that important to me”. You weren’t asked if you desired it, just what would you do!

And then we might do that thing of “well, I’d buy a luxury house and car and yacht and…” but what would you actually DO each and every day?

Can you visualise it? A super rich life?  Waking up in your brand spanking new luxury home. How would your day go?  Who would be with you? What is the first thing that you do?  And the next?

Finding it hard to connect with the vision?  It can take time…and practice.

Two things come to mind doing this activity:

  • How we often have so many dreams that we just consign to the archives of our lives, and
  • How we have given so much definition and meaning to money that we limit ourselves in what is actually possible for ourselves.

When I first heard the saying “you have to be it to see it” from the founder of Magnetic Mind, it immediately resonated with me as one of the principles within Minerva was “you have to become it to have it”.

We have to recode our mind and body to have the beliefs and feelings of already having what we truly desire to be connected to it.  Otherwise, it’s quite likely that, even if we achieve it, we end up bouncing back to the place we started from or worse.  Just think about weight loss and yo-yo dieting as an example.

An in regard to money. Well, money is just an object.

In the same way the pen sitting on my desk is just an object. They both have a function. One to write with, the other to transact for value in the form of goods and services.

Yet, with money we get so embroiled in the definition. 

We tell ourselves stories and think that this thing called money says something about us. We create beliefs that impact our ability to see all the possibilities for us.

One of my own limiting beliefs was coded through the religion my family belonged to: “it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven”. 

You can’t be rich and be good is what I held onto for such a very long time. 

Can you imagine how that plays out in your life?  Not great.  I was able to make lots of money, keeping it was another matter!

On the 15th September I am co-hosting a conference for female entrepreneurs “Profit Manifestation Truths”, during that event I will be sharing more about how our money behaviours keep us from creating that life we love. 

And, I’ll be running a transformation session “My Meeting With Money”. One not to be missed if your money behaviours are keeping you from creating what you truly desire.

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