Why "Unmarketing" Myself Was the Best Thing I Ever Did!

unamrket yourself

Towards the end of last year I made a declaration to “unmarket” myself.

I’m just about there…

I think people thought I had lost the plot, making comments like “good luck with that”. But not many of them, if any, got what I truly meant.

Think about it.  Everything you do in business is a form of marketing.  Actually, right from the moment you made the decision to become self-employed. 

I googled a definition of marketing and here is what came up: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

And as a result, we follow pathways, formulae and the latest tools and techniques to get our “value” out there.  The definition focuses on the world outside you, instructing you how to follow the models given by others.  No where does it say anything about you.  About who you are at your core and what your true desires and choices are in life.

At the point of making my statement, I had reached breaking point watching yet another “guru” tell the world that they just had to do x,y,z to make it in the world.  After all, it had worked for them – after many years of hard slog trying to figure sh!t out, I might add.

It left me with a bitter taste in my mouth as I watched this person marketing themselves, unaware of the fact that they were wrapped up in their “look at me, aren’t I doing so well” smoke screen of life.

They had all the stuff going on underneath.  I’m not good enough; I’m not perfect enough; yet I can make money.

Here's the news... We can ALL make money.  It’s simple when it’s boiled down to its absolute basic form. An exchange of one thing for another recognised by an agreed metric.   For most people this comes in the form of employment.

Yet too many us are so engrained in the marketing messages that we have picked up, that we don’t see this simple transaction. We wrap stories around it, stories of a lack of self-worth and empowerment.

At our core we are powerful beyond measure.

I not only wanted to strip away the expected ways of marketing in my business, I wanted to step into my power and experience my bliss.  The bliss of being me. 

Here’s what I discovered on my journey of the last 10 months.

We are all sold a way of being and existing in the world.  It’s very problem oriented.  Us as individuals, our relationships, our businesses are all problems to solve. 

When I stepped into the world of “not broken”, here to create and enjoy life to the full – it started an unravelling.  One that led me to greatest sight I have ever had.

  • Fear, anxiety, stress – all created through the marketing of life that you have been subjected to – and all created from within. All keeping you tethered to the “way it’s always been”.
  • What you have in this world, the “material” things, are all dictated from the messages, the communication, the exchanges you have been subjected to; holding the belief from within that this is “the way it is”.
  • The food we eat is a result of a massive marketing machine; “got to work on an egg” or get that breakfast “glow”. Most people are now alienated from their own bodies, creating obesity and illness – all from the marketed mind within.

During my great “unmarketing”, I have learnt that:

  • Great inner peace is ALWAYS available to us, no matter what is going on in the world.
  • I do love life’s luxuries. I also recognise that they don’t have to cost a fortune. That walk by the sea, that glass of ruby red wine, cooking that delicious meal together and that very comfortable pair of loafers.
  • My body knows what’s good for it and what isn’t! We have divine wisdom within us.

And when it comes to my business, I have learnt so much about me.  Work “to perform work or fulfil duties regularly for wages or salary” is something that I no longer do.  I do things that fill me with joy, that I choose to engage my time in, that may or may not bring value to others.  It really is about me.

I no longer worry about money and how it will show up or about the yo-yo dieting I subjected myself to for years or if I’m good enough or worthy enough to work with clients. 

Instead, I focus on creating what I desire, including how my business operates.  

As a result life feels so much easier and joyful.  I highly recommend “unmarketing” yourself!


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