Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

self-fulfil prophecy

They asked “why is she not writing?”. 

I don’t write for one of two reasons; either I have nothing to say or I have a lot to say but I am holding myself back.

You may ask why. Why would someone hold themselves back from something that they absolutely love to do? Is it a fear of not being good enough, or ridiculed? 

Sometimes we hold ourselves back because we want to just fit in. Because if we spoke our truth, we know that our world and the people in it would change.  And change can be scary, can’t it.

We create catastrophies and  self-fulfilling prophecies on how bad it can get, creating bigger and bigger stories in our head until we reach that point of saying and doing nothing. We deplete ourselves of joy, we deny ourselves of our bliss. 

Then we remember those times as a child when we totally got lost in creativity, in storytelling to teddies and dolls, play doh sculptures of pure imagination and the splash of garish colours on paper.  Nothing mattered, with a distinct lack of thoughts of not good enough!

In those moments of creation, you felt connected to something so much more than just your physical body. You were ‘in bliss’ with yourself. No holding back.

And then life shapes and moulds us into believing we are of limited potential.  

We are told to ‘put away those childish things’.  You have to be grown up now. You have to work hard, have a successful career, endebt ourselves through buying houses, fast cars and living the lifestyle they show us on tv. 

Yet somewhere inside there is a voice. Distant at times, annoying yet so persistent.

It persists and persists until we silence it through depression, addiction or permanently checking out.  All part of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Or we can consciously choose to listen, to allow it to guide and support us.  “It’s time to take up the pen once more my friend and write your new story.”

What is it that you love to do, simply for the sake of doing it? 

What is it that lights you up and connects you with your bliss?

What can you lose yourself in for hours and hours?

It’s time to remember.


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