Magnetise Success Coaching

Using the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience to help people magically manifest & become a conscious creator of a life they love!

I'll Teach You How To Unlock Financial & Spiritual Abundance In Your Life By Creating A

Magnetic Mind 

Why I Chose Magnetic Mind

It felt like I had spent my whole life in a constant battle with myself.  

I'd make lots of money only to give it away.

I'd loose weight only to pile it back on again.

My relationships oscillated in this way too.


I came across a guy called Chris Duncan and was introduced to the Magnetic Mind.

I started to love my life again, to be at peace with myself and who I am.

And all this against the backdrop of a turbulent world and the collapse of my events based business!

I loved Magnetic Mind so much that I made a decision that I would become certified as a Magnetic Mind Coach and help others to become conscious creators. So here I am.


Using leading edge Neuroscience, you'll experience Superconscious Rapid Recode Transformation

Your Magnetic Mind Programmes

Consciously Choosing to Create a Life you Love

Magnetic Mind Mastery

One to One Online 12-Week (10 sessions) Coaching Programme With Miranda (online only)

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Freedom Formula - The Magnetic Mind Experience

12 Month Online Group Programme delivered inside Thrive & Grow 

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VIP Magnetise Success Day

Bespoke Transformation Day incorporating Magnetic Mind, Sacred Money Archetypes® and other coaching resources. 

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Take Your Next Step and Book A Taster Superconscious Recode Session... 

In this short taster session, you'll experience our 5 step coaching process to rapidly recode your mind and body to remove the resistance to you having what you truly desire in your life.  For those wishing to take the next step with me, we can discuss the options... Your Taster session is $97