The MINERVA Manifesto™

Following life changing burnout during my long slow recovery, I started a project called "MINERVA" named after the Roman Mythological Minerva, Goddess of Trade, Strategy and War. 

The project's purpose was to answer the question "Why do women fail in business?". During three and half year project, the question turned into a statement of "What women need to succeed in business".

My research, development and testing was ultimately turned into a framework, the MINERVA Manifesto™, which when followed, enables the participant to create their own personalised unique blueprint for success.

The results that women achieve after committing to implementing their MINERVA Manifesto™ are outstanding.  This is not a typical "how to" guide you traditionally find with business.

The Pocket Guide

The MINERVA Manifesto™ system is summarised in the pocket guide, available on amazon in print and kindle format.

minver pocket guide

The Work Book and Success Tracker

The Workbook has now been integrated into the MINERVA Manifesto™ programme which is available  from Thrive and Grow.

The Success Tracker has been integrated into the MINERVA Success Pods service from Thrive and Grow.

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