VIP Magnetise Success Day

In Person in Lancashire or Online.

Right now…

…you are feeling frustrated about your current situation.

You may be:

  • Juggling too many priorities,
  • Feeling stuck on the hamster wheel of life, or
  • Just totally fed up with your current situation.

It could be with your:

  • relationships
  • business
  • career
  • finances

One thing I know for sure is that you are SO fed up with life being this way!

Chat With Miranda

The agenda for your day…



Part One: Gain clarity on what you truly desire for your life and create your true vision.

Did you know the majority of people don’t actually know what they truly desire?

We may think we know and we may set goals but these are often created subconsciously aligned to the expectations of others.  And often we don't achieve them for that reason.

Together, we'll explore your desired outcomes in your chosen area of life.

Part Two: Identify the Gap between where you are now and where you want to be

It's important to create the gap between your current reality and your desired reality.  Between the identity of now and the identity of the person who has already achieved the goal. This allows the next step to happen...

Part Three: Clear resistance to allowing yourself to create your desired reality.

There is a reason why most people never achieve the life and success they desire. We have to "become the person who already has it".  Often the identity of who we are being keeps us stuck or oscillating - where we move towards our goals and then self-sabotage in some way ending up back where we started or worse. Think of it this way... in the gap is the cr*p (resistance). In this part of your unique VIP Day we clear the resistance to having what you desire!

Part Four: 

Time for action.  You know your desired goal, it's time to take the next obvious steps to making it happen.

The detailed content is bespoke for you. You will also have access to a number of resources to keep you on track.

My commitment...

... for your VIP Magnetise Success Day with me is: for you to leave feeling lighter, having the clarity you need coupled with your next steps action plan to create a life you love. 

This may include details for your business, your career or any other aspect of your life. Your choice.

I use a range of tools to suit the situation:

  • Magnetic Mind Coaching
  • Sacred Money Archetypes® Coaching
  • NLP Coaching
  • 25+ Years of experience delivering large scale transformation programmes 

Your VIP Day Venue

In Person: 

I use a small number of luxury venues in the Lancashire (UK) area.

Your day will include lunch and light refreshments and the use of a private executive meeting room.

We commence the day at 9:30am and finish around 4pm.

If you are travelling to the area and wish to stay at the venue, my team can arrange that for you.


It’s not always convenient to travel, that’s why I offer a Virtual VIP Rapid Transformation Package that consists of 2 x half days delivered via Zoom. 

The same great content bespoke to your needs. It’s also more cost effective as you provide your own venue and refreshments!

VIP Rapid Transformation Day

Your Next Obvious Step.

To explore if my VIP Magnetise Success Day is the right choice for you, please book a short consultation.